30 Years of Dedication, Precision, and Excellence in Service

Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC was founded in 1985 and based in the New Brunswick, NJ, area. Walter Varhley, one of the agency founders, remained until his untimely passing in 2011. Thereafter, Loretta Varhley took the reins and moved the agency forward by upholding Walter’s commitment to excellence, building on the solid reputation he built in the court reporting field. As of May 2018, the agency is now owned by Beth Vittor, who has over 30 years experience as a Certified Court Reporter in New Jersey and who worked with Walter throughout that time. It is her intention and commitment, along with Liz Nunez, Office Manager, who has been employed with us for 30 years, to continue the strong traditions established by the firm of hands-on relationships with clients and partners in the field to bring small-town service to the Tri-State area. Together with our trusted professional partners in the field – Certified Court Reporters, Interpreters, and Videographers – we work to provide all our clients with the excellence and quality of product they deserve.

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Commitment to Excellence

Our goal is to provide exceptional service to the legal community at a competitive price.  We are committed to assisting our clients, making their jobs easier by offering personalized court reporting services, tailored to meet each of our customer’s unique court reporting needs.

Our Staff

At Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC, we believe that investing in our staff allows us to guarantee that our clients receive the best quality service – every time.  Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC is more than just a place of employment.  It is a family and a network delivering precise, cutting edge solutions to the legal community in the Tri-State Area of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Our Certified Court Reporters

Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has an established network of certified court reporting professionals that cover the entire Tri-State Area of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  Our reporters are experienced, know the technology, and are committed to providing the highest quality of court reporting services.

Our Services

Certified Court Reporting

Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC is dedicated to providing quality and comprehensive court reporting services by reliable and professionally Certified Court Reporters.  The highest quality reporters and services have been provided by Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC for over 30 years.  Call today to schedule your reporter.


Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has been providing interpretation services since its inception.  We will provide interpreters for any language, region or dialect, and are happy to save you time in finding interpreters.


Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC offers certified specialists in:

  • Videotaped litigation
  • Videoconferencing
  • Day-in-the-life video
  • Site survey video
  • Demonstration video


In our ethnically diverse region, many languages are spoken.  When an interpreter is not present, you need to translate your deposition for a myriad of purposes.  Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has decades of experience in translating legal documents and can help you deliver the documents you need as quickly as possible.

Deposition Suites

Deposition suites are available in our Somerset office, as well as New Brunswick and throughout the tri-state area.  These professional and upscale locations serve as excellent meeting locations for depositions.  Contact our scheduling team today to learn more.

Remote Depositions

Using state-of-the-art technology, Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC can facilitate remote depositions from anywhere in the world.


When time counts, Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC is there.  If your transcript or videotaped deposition is needed on an expedited basis or even daily turnaround, we are happy to accommodate. When needed, as much advance notice as can be provided to us will ensure you will receive your important discovery in a timely manner. Fulfilling your expectations is what we do.

Real Time

For incredibly time-sensitive matters, our realtime service is available.  Automatic stenographic decryption occurs, allowing the attorney to see, in real time, what the stenographer is typing during a deposition.  Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has created relationships with these specially trained reporters to provide this service. Rough transcripts are also always available.