Transcription Services

Varhley Vittor & Associates provides a full range of audio transcription services. The number of courts utilizing audio to record proceedings is growing. Attorneys often need to request a CD and have it transcribed in order to receive a transcript. At Varhley Vittor & Associates, we are able to offer exceptional turnaround times for transcribing audio recordings of almost any format.

Why Choose Varhley Court Reporting?


Our state of the art 256-bit encryption system allows for compliance and peace of mind. Simply upload your audio to our depository and rest assured that your client’s information will remain confidential and be handled with absolute care by our reputable court reporting agency, trusted by law firms nationwide.


Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has the ability to transcribe almost any kind of audio file, as well as, the ability to retrieve audio files from almost any kind of device. Whether it’s a recording of court proceedings, a wire-tap, 911 call, or just about anything else – we are able to transcribe your recording. Our electronic delivery can be made in a variety of formats that include Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents. You can also request a CD copy of the audio with the hard copy.


When you choose Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC, you know that you have a partner that you can trust and depend on with your simpler or more complicated cases. We offer verbatim precision and the ability to turnaround as quickly as your needs require, including the same day delivery of complete transcripts.

Audio Enhancement

Our expert audio technicians are able to enhance the recordings if so required. The enhancements include the removal of unwanted audio artifacts such as hiss or static, normalizing the volume (making sure that the volume is even and every word is audible), editing out the unnecessary parts, and converting your files to whatever format you may need.