Court Reporting

Our Certified Court Reporters and office personnel are committed to delivering exceptional work each and every time our services are required.  From the moment a Certified Court Reporter is scheduled until the final product reaches our client’s office, we approach each case with an unparalleled level of commitment, partnering with our clients to fulfill their desire for competence, efficiency and, above all, accuracy.  We don’t just specialize in court reporting, we specialize in customer service.

Our Areas of Expertise

Medical Malpractice

Every year, thousands of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania residents seek representation in pursuing a medical malpractice suit against an offending healthcare provider.  Medical malpractice cases can be lengthy and require a great deal of testimony.  Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has decades of experience to ensure that all attorneys are provided with organized, accurate, and expedient services.

Insurance Litigation

Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has over three decades of experience handling various insurance litigation cases.  Whether it’s a large multi-party case, or a simpler suit involving fewer parties – order and accessibility are needed to ensure success.  We have aided our attorney clients to handle numerous cases involving accidents, wrongful firings, product liability, and other areas of the law.

Asbestos & Toxic Torts

Our dedicated court reporters have been involved in a large number of asbestos and other toxicity related cases.  Our clients enjoy the ability to quickly schedule depositions anywhere with multiple options for remote assistance via video or conference calls.

Pharmaceutical Cases

Pharmaceutical cases require an advanced level of sophistication and attention to detail.  These cases will often involve multiple plaintiffs in various locations.  Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC has an established network of certified court reporters who specialize in pharmaceutical litigation.

Other Types of Litigation

Varhley Vittor & Associates, LLC is a one stop shop for all kinds of litigation support.  Our certified court reporters are ready to handle any task – no matter how big or how small.  Our vast network of professional reporters allows us to offer you flexibility and expedience.  Contact us today to discuss your court reporting needs.